Phoebe Green - Leaf - 01/02/18

If you have ever been to Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool, you’re probably aware of their copious selection of delightfully flavoured teas, but some might not know that at night Leaf turns into one of the most relaxed and invitingly intimate gig venues in Liverpool. On the 1st of February 2018, the beautiful Phoebe Green took to the stage at Leaf. Although billed as support act to the rising talent of political singer songwriter Nadine Shah, it was Phoebe who for me was the star of the show.

As someone who has seen Phoebe perform live many times before I expected it to be a perfect show as it always is with her. Although each time I’m in her audience I know that she’s going to be nothing less than angelic, I'm constantly impressed by her ability to refine and improve her live set, developing her natural stage presence as her confidence increases and her voice continues to grow in depth of tone and complexity.

It may be a cliché but Phoebe has that remarkable uncanny ability to make you feel like you’re the sole person in the room that matters and she’s singing her deeply personal and emotional lyrics right to you. You can’t help but stare right into her wide dark brown eyes which are covered in her signature crimson eyeshadow. Not only are Phoebe and her band five of the most beautiful humans to walk to earth both in aesthetic and as genuinely lovely people but they are all so uniquely talented and just captivating to watch.

Phoebe treated the audience to a mixture of songs from her completely breath-taking debut album 2:00AM and some of her newer songs which definitely made us eager to hear what she’s been working on and everything she has lined up for this year. One of my favourites of the night was her song High which showed off her absolutely insane vocal range, it was clear that everyone in the audience was captivated from the beginning and she has definitely gained herself a large fan base in Liverpool after that performance.

Personally I find it difficult to compare Phoebe Green to any other artist I have listened to before because her sound is so beautifully complex and distinctive and she simply sounds like Phoebe Green and no one else. It is obvious that the things that influence Phoebe the most are the people who are close to her and her life experiences, every single lyric is raw and personal and sometimes it feels like she’s allowing her audience to know information that no one else knows and sharing her deepest thoughts. Her lyrics are so raw and real that they take the token compliment of relatable to new levels. There cannot be a single person in the audience that hasn't experienced the emotions Phoebe so eloquently expresses but Phoebe describes then in a way most mere mortals could only dream of. Every time I hear her I can’t work out if I want to smile from cheek to cheek or weep until my eyes run dry. It takes real courage and an ability to lay herself bare irrespective of vulnerability that imbibe Phoebe's songs with an intensity that is rare to find.

She completed the set with her soon to be classic Watercolour Envy which is a song that I admit I listen to on repeat whenever I'm feeling melancholic, (it is on my PMT playlist after all so I couldn’t help but sing along, it was the perfect way to end the set as despite its appeal to melancholia, it is one of those songs that grabs you by the throat and literally infuses your mind and soul and I am positive that every member of the audience will be humming in on their way home.

Once again Phoebe Green delivered a heavenly, ethereal set which kept every single audience member excited and entranced at the same time. I am very excited about Phoebe and I know that she is just warming up to take the music scene by storm carrying on the legacy of inspirational female song-writing icons such as Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin, and I for one am more than ready for it.

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