Red Rum Club - Calexico

Liverpudlian sextet, Red Rum Club, have a unique Mexico-meets-Merseyside earworm in the form of their latest single Calexico.

The opening seconds of Calexico have the listener instantly hooked courtesy of the ‘Tarantino-esque wild western vibes’ delivered via a delicate combination of both a solitary trumpet and Mariachi-tinged percussion, making Red Rum Club a welcome, and refreshing, change to the common expectations of artists using the term ‘alternative rock’ to describe their musical output. In this case, Red Rum Club Have certainly earned the right to use the ‘alternative rock’ tag, with a particular emphasis on the ‘alternative’.

Calexico is an impressive release that whets one’s appetite for more; both in regards to having the song on repeat as well as eagerly anticipating more music from the band – live and on record. The difference in style marks them out as exciting and different for all the right reasons.

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