Sunflower Bean - Twentytwo

With the release of second album Twentytwo in Blue rapidly approaching on the 23rd of March, New York trio Sunflower Bean have shared their brand new single Twentytwo. Written about fighting back against society’s expectations and generations of abuse by men in power; Twentytwo is an exciting insight of what to expect from the upcoming album.

Vocalist and bassist Julia Cumming spreads a powerful message through her soft, soothing vocals; creating a softer, more dreamy side to Sunflower Bean than we’ve heard in their earlier releases. Twentytwo proves how the trio have matured, giving their new tracks a confident edge. As someone who was previously skeptical of the trio, my interest has spiked having heard Twentytwo and Crisis Fest; leaving me excited and intrigued to hear the rest of the album and catch the three on their upcoming UK tour.

Twentytwo in Blue is released on 23rd March via Lucky Number

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