Glass Peaks - (Don't) Ask Me To Dance

London/Kent based unsigned indie trio Glass Peaks have made something of an impact since bursting onto the scene in 2016. Their last single I'm Okay made the Spotify indie list for four weeks running and all three of their previous single releases earned the accolade 'Track of the Week' from BBC Introducing.

Their latest offering  (Don’t) Ask Me to Dance  makes something of a departure from previous releases being more stripped back with greater spacing in the arrangement which allows you to focus on the sweet grittiness of the vocals which stand out against the resonating guitar melody and slightly jazz inspired drums. It makes something of an uncomfortable listen on first hearing as the overall sound is almost too intense in its rawness and passion but when you stick with it there's almost a sense of relief when the track picks up pace towards the end and when the chorus bursts into action it urges you to listen again and again.

It's certainly experimental and I'm not sure if it would bear repeating on every track, but their sound is one which stays with you and as the band themselves say is 'considerably more heavy, raw and honest' than anything they've produced before. There's something about this track with its changes in pace and direction that puts me in mind of early Tame Impala and the intensity of their sound must surely create a powerful impact when performing live. These are certainly a band who are not afraid to lay themselves bare and this single is one which should only further their already swift progression over the last two years.

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