Birthday Card - Berlin

Brighton based ‘melancholy pop’ five piece Birthday Card are a band I’ve had my eye on for a while now. Their aesthetically pleasing image and 80s meets modern synth pop sound creates a heavenly feel, which continues to improve with everything they do. Previous releases Heartstops and Love Affair have set a strong standard for the five, and so it’s no doubt that new single Berlin is a step above the two.

Combining the hazy feel and dreamy melodies of those earlier releases, Berlin sounds like the work of a band who know exactly what they’re doing. The sound of tingling synth weaving in and out of frontman Josh Saw’s silky vocals keeps that signature Birthday Card dream pop sound, while jangly riffs add a new edge which we’ve yet to hear from the five. Berlin is the very best of Birthday Card, a refined version of the delightful sound which they do so well.

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