Silver Wilson - Let You Go

Indie-pop is starting to feel like a genre that's over-saturated with The 1975 wannabes. Those infectiously upbeat guitar lines seem to be seeping into every new band's sound, and whilst those influences are clearly present in Nottingham based Silver Wilson's latest track, they manage to take it and make it somewhat refreshing.

Singer Brandon Hill's vocals have a down-to-earth tone reminiscent of 2000's indie artists like Alex Turner, and paired with the buoyant instrumentals this creates a track that can genuinely hold it's own within the genre. My only qualm is that the pre-chorus sets you up for a huge payoff, with the actual chorus falling a little short. However, the track is so infectious that this doesn't detract as much as it would if Silver Wilson were less competent musicians.

Let's not beat around the bush, Let You Go is basically a total bop. Silver Wilson have a knack for crafting summer jams, and with their new track following in the footsteps of their previous work; it's the kind of song that makes you want to put it on your holiday playlist, crack open a beer, and get ready for that sweet summer sun.

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