Little Strange - Alright Now

Little Strange are a Manchester band cooking up the freshest garage dream-pop sounds of the moment. While the Manchester music scene’s reputation may be daunting, Little Strange have managed to formulate a very strong first impression with their single Alright Now.

The track has a raw and fresh sound, but Little Strange have cleverly contrasted this with a hazy and dream-poppy sound that feels humble but impactful. The rhythm is echoey and rumbly while there’s an authenticity that creates a strange reassurance in every repetition of lyrics “and it’s alright now”. The vocals in this track are strong, clean and feel warm and inviting, instantly creating an urge to sing along. It doesn’t take many listens of Alright Now to leave you humming the melody!

Little Strange play When In Manchester Festival on April 14th and headline Manchester’s Night & Day showcase on May 17th.

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