Tropic - No Cigar

Bristol trio Tropic may have barely finished school, but their sound is well beyond their age. Made up of Jack Ogborne, Meg Jenkins and Henry Terrett, the three have teamed up with Leisure Records to release their latest single No Cigar.

The sluggish vocals of Jack Ogborne instantly caught my attention when I pressed play on No Cigar. His husky tone gives a slight Magic Gang feel to the track, but before they lull you into a hazy, slacker-pop feel Tropic take things back up again, quickly switching from slacker-pop to upbeat, dynamic guitar and jazzy rhythms.

At first, No Cigar sounds familiar, maybe it’s the range of influences which the trio make clear amongst their sound; but despite that familiarity, Tropic have a sound which they’re quickly making their own. Their combination of laid-back romanticism and upbeat energy is intriguing, making the trio one I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on.

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