Lower Than Atlantis / Boston Manor / The Faim - Hangar34 - 07/05/18

(Photography by Ianthe Warlow)

On an unexpectedly sunny evening in May, Hertfordshire 4-piece Lower Than Atlantis were set to play Hangar34; an intimate but atmospheric venue set in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. Not only did they play, they left a lasting impression with the large congregation of eager fans.

Opening the show were Australian rock band The Faim, who were quick to get most of the room jumping up and down to their tunes. Taking influence from bands like All Time Low, Paramore and Blink 182; their song writing is beaming with catchy hooks and it’s not surprising how quickly they’re shooting to success with a recording contract from BMG. With endless energy from all 4 members of the band throughout the set, they exuded a confidence akin to that of the well-seasoned bands that inspire them. Their latest single Midland Line went down a treat and I’m sure this performance has rightfully earnt them a hoard of new fans. Big things are to come for this band.

(The Faim - Photography by Ianthe Warlow)

Boston Manor caused a stir and saw the first crowdsurfers of the night, and there were many more to come. The Blackpool based pop-punk band maintained a high energy and tight performance of fan favourites like Forget Me Not and Laika. Frontman Henry Cox’s interaction with the crowd was powerful; he brought the room together before a huge circle pit formed upon his request.

(Boston Manor - Photography by Ianthe Warlow)

Lower Than Atlantis fiercely hit the stage, opening with Had Enough and didn’t disappoint with the tight performance their fans have come to expect. Having formed in 2007, LTA have had plenty of time to nail their live performance and this was evident from start to finish. Frontman Mike Duce’s powerful vocals are accompanied by Ben Sansom’s guitar, Eddy Thrower on drums and Dec Hart on bass.

For Far Q, Duce headed boldly into the circle pit to cause a stir before returning to dominate the stage throughout the rest of the song. Fans were in the air and on the floor, in a frenzy of excitement. Following this was a swift change in atmosphere. He headed back into the crowd with a different intention; this time getting everyone to sit down in preparation for Another Sad Song. It was emotive and powerful like the rest of the set but in a wholly different way. Fans were captivated and singing along word-for-word, the lyrics clearly resonating on some level with almost everyone in the room. The band expressed their gratitude to the loyal crowd and continued to smash the set, picking the pace back up again with hits like I Would and Words Don’t Come So Easily.

(Lower Than Atlantis - Photography by Ianthe Warlow)

The encore was introduced by a repeated roaring of the band’s name as the classic ‘we want more’ wasn’t needed. It was obvious the crowd were craving more from Lower Than Atlantis, and with just two songs left, the anticipation of what was about to go down filled the venue with excitement. English Kids in America was another high energy song to kick off the encore, but the real highlight was seeing LTA close with Here We Go. Duce joined the surfers in the crowd while the rest of the band played on, giving it everything they had and clearly embracing the moment.

Lower Than Atlantis pulled off an impeccable set and the crowd contributed to make the evening’s show an unforgettable one.

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