Sauce - There's A Fool

Manchester’s very own Sauce are without a doubt one of the strongest upcoming bands the North West has to offer. Lead by frontman Dean Molyneux, Henry Lewis, Lewis Rushton and George Stead; the quartet’s funky, indie rock sound sets them apart from the rest Manchester has to offer. With several This Feeling shows, and two impeccable singles under their belt; the future is bright for Sauce.

Following a brief quiet period, the four have returned today with their huge new track, There’s A Fool. Kicking off with a typically Sauce psych-rock riff, there’s zero time wasted in once again proving that these boys are a force to be reckoned with. Possessing the rock n roll groove we’ve come to expect from the Manchester boys, There’s A Fool truly takes things up a notch. Combining a psych-rock base with their already infamous groove, and the typically monstrous chorus of a Sauce track, There’s A Fool manages to outdo the strength of their previous releases; proving that these boys aren’t playing around.

Manchester’s music scene may be strong, but the future is surely Sauce.

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