Spector - Gorilla - 23/5/18

(Photo - Jack Whiting)

With summer finally having arrived and Manchester’s temperatures reaching 23 degrees, it’s no surprise that the ever sticky Gorilla was feeling rather humid on Wednesday night. That of course was no issue for Spector’s fans; who had little concern for the heat as they cramped themselves into the centre of the venue; eagerly awaiting the London quartet’s return to Manchester.

Having recently returned to the scene with new material in the form of four track EP Ex-Directory, Spector took to the stage with a refreshed energy. Leading their return with the poignant sound of earlier track Bad Boyfriend, frontman Fred Macpherson wasted no time in getting to know his crowd; frantically bouncing across the not so spacious stage as they moved into one of their newer tracks Local International.

If anyone was to seek advice on crowd engagement and stage presence, Fred is the man to ask. Constantly chatting to the sea of sweaty bodies in front of him, his jokey personality gave the set a real personal touch; even more so for the member of the front row who was left to tie his shoelaces mid set.

(Photo - Jack Whiting)

Moving through the set’s soaring riffs and heavenly synth, the centre of the crowd became more and more of a crush as circle pits formed for the majority of songs. There’s pure excitement on the face of every crowd member as heads bounced to the frenzied pace of Reeperbahn, each and every track on the setlist proving that Spector have a knack for punchy pop hooks and quality lyrics; as well as unleashing chaos on venues across the country.

Filling the hour and half long slot with both early fan favourites and the ever growing tracks of Ex-Directory, Spector provided more enthusiasm, energy and infectious personality than any band I’ve seen in a long while. It’s clear to see they give their performance their all, and it truly does give their show a special feeling.

(Photo - Jack Whiting)

As Fred teased the crowd with the final chorus of the chaos ensuing Chevvy Thunder, there was a look of sheer admiration on at least 80% of the room. Spector have grown into something spectacular, and it’s certainly appreciated. Moving through Tenner, a fan takes to somebody’s shoulders to hand Fred a ten pound note, punching the air in celebration as it reaches him. It’s a sense of fun and happiness which is only found in these sweaty sold out shows, and it never grows old.

Drawing to an end with the infamous moody sound of All The Sad Young Men, their reception grew louder and louder. Gorilla filled with a feeling of triumph, as Spector proved themselves capable of much bigger things and left smiles on the faces of their sold out crowd. Spector are back, better than ever.

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