Seatbelts - Songs For Vonnegut

Named following an intoxicated attempt at spelling “The Beatles” backwards, Seatbelts is the new project of Hooton Tennis Club’s James Madden and Ryan Murphy, alongside Abi Woods and Alex Quinn. Having formed in 2017, the Liverpool quartet have played support slots for the likes of TV Me and Boy Azooga in the run up to the release of their debut EP Songs For Vonnegut.

Written across lunch breaks and recorded in a bedroom by both James and Ryan back in October 2017, the EP is formed of four tracks; including debut single Hey, Hey Tiger!. Instantly catchy, the lead track possesses a plucky, upbeat energy dominated by the repetitive Wah pedal beat which flows throughout.

Title track Songs For Vonnegut and second single A World Drained Of Wonder show a more laid-back take on guitar pop. Dazed vocals met with a slower, slacked atmosphere which makes for delightfully easy listening; creating a neat contrast against the sound of Hey, Hey Tiger!.

Songs For Vonnegut draws to an end with it’s fourth track, It Is As If I Am A.I., a darker take on James and Ryan’s songwriting. Enticing guitar is the focal point of the track, while it’s repetitive lyrics draw the listener in with their almost haunting feel.

Seatbelts ooze an effortless laid back confidence throughout Songs For Vonnegut, and with their ability to switch between the upbeat, addictive sound of Hey, Hey Tiger! to the dark, swirling feel of It Is As If I Am A.I, the quartet have created intrigue into what else they have to offer.

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