Callow Youth - Into The Sun

Formed back in high school, youthful Manchester quartet Callow Youth are wasting no time in making a name for themselves, despite still being in education. Nathan, Connor, Alfie and Tom kicked off 2018 with their first recording session at Manchester’s Vibe Studios, with their first live shows taking place across May. Despite their first recordings being intended as simple demos, demand from their already building fanbase had led the band to releasing three of the five tracks on Spotify, as well as a self released CD.

The lead of those tracks is found in the form of Into The Sun. Oozing with young, Northern charm, it makes for a delightful introduction into yet another Manchester gem. Led by a plucky beat, Into The Sun is simple in the best of ways. Frontman Alfie Turner’s typically Manchester vocals are the focal point of Callow Youth’s sound, working sweetly with their simple, easy listening guitar which flows constantly throughout.

Callow Youth have given themselves a solid introduction with Into The Sun, overflowing with youthful potential and the feeling that these four lads have a lot more to offer.

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