Children of the State - Kill Your Darlings EP

Children of the State are an exciting new band bringing laid back psychedelic punk to life with their stunning debut EP Kill Your Darlings. Former members of Vultures, guitarist Nathan Keeble, singer-songwriter John McCullagh, and drummer Conor O’Reilly have joined forces with bassist Corey Clifton; to form this new Sheffield-based 4 piece. Produced by Nathan Saoudi of The Fat Whites, the EP features plenty of hazy summer evening vibes amongst darker and rockier undertones.

The title track Kill Your Darlings enters us into a somewhat dreamy and synthy amalgamation of ongoing groovy beats and spacey vocals. It feels reflective and nostalgic and is perfect easy-listening. It sounds like driving down a quiet open road on a summer’s day as the sun draws in.

Miss America, May I? is the second track on the EP and picks up the pace a little with a much more guitar-centric sound and soaring vocals blended into the heavier sound. It’s clear even from the first two tracks, that Children of the State are more than capable of creating diverse sounds within their repertoire without sacrificing their own sound.

Tomorrow We’ll Drift puts the chilled-out psych vibes back into play for a slower and more dazy sound, bringing the pace back down following the excitement of the preceding track.

Beautifully rounding off the EP is Afterglow: a song that takes its time to progress into a powerful, almost ballad-like masterpiece. It sounds dark and mysterious but again maintains that nostalgic feeling Children of the State seem to execute so well.

This EP feels like a journey; with the rockier side of the band being perfectly cushioned by the hazy synth psych sounds and ending on what feels like a combination of all that they do best. As just a debut EP, Children of the State have shown us a glimpse of the massive things to come.

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