Truck Festival: 5 Minutes with... Peace

This past weekend saw the return of “the Godfather of the small festival scene”, Truck Festival and the addition of the first ever Thursday line up. The extra half-day provided Market Stage sets from the likes of Bad Sounds and Jaws, while Sugarthief, Avalanche Party and Trampolene took over This Feeling’s stage at The Barn.

Of course, no new addition would be complete without a headliner capable of putting everyone in the festival mood, and who better to kick off the weekend than the kings of indie themselves, Peace?

We headed backstage before their highly anticipated set to have a quick chat with frontman Harry Koisser, check out what he had to say about Truck Festival below.

You’re headlining the first ever Truck Thursday line up, is it an honour to play the first day?

I believe it is yeah, it’s like the sabbath day for people like me who don’t have a particular weekend; Thursday seems to be the most exciting one so yeah it’s good to be here on a Thursday.

How do you think this year will compare to the last time you played Truck back in 2014?

It was a lot smaller back then, this feels huge which is good. There’s more people, more music and louder guitars, we’ve got older and filled out a bit, I’ve had a haircut. Actually my hair is starkly similar to the last time I was here, I cut all my hair off before then as well.

So your new album Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll has been out for a good few months now, has the live reception to the newer tracks been good or not quite what you expected?

It’s been really good yeah. It was like, we’ve been around for so long and it was so long before we did this that all our old material was sort of fossilised in people’s muscle memory of seeing us at a show, like “ah I know this one!”. So playing new songs is quite scary, when you play the first bit and everyone is like I haven’t heard this before, but I think everyone is fine with it now. At the end of the tour it was great, everyone knew all the stuff.

Obviously you’ve played quite a lot of festivals in your career, what’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you at a festival?

There’s been many strange things. There was a big scare once about some snakes in Japan, our tour manager was like “watch out for these snakes” and Dom really hates snakes, he hates anything that can crawl inside his body so any animal that can fit in, he’s not happy about it. There was a genuine fear, like none of us could go outside and we were all really stressed out, we only found out years later that it was just a complete lie and we’ve been telling all these stories like “yeah it was so dangerous at this festival because of these water snakes which were everywhere”, you know how stories get embellished like “I saw this snake and it came up to me, Dom got bitten by a snake” and then every part of it was a lie. So it’s actually something that didn’t happen to us at a festival.

If Peace were to organise a festival yourselves, who would you choose for your three headliners?

Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin and of course Post Malone. I said this before, I stumbled across Post Malone and he’s the new Kurt Cobain; the new icon of our time. He will be remembered and I hope he finds a different fate than Kurt like, he’s him. He’s the new God.

Truck has a lot of smaller artists on the line up, is there anyone on the line up you’ve had your eye on?

Yeah, Jaws are old friends, Sorry are on there. I’ve seen Asha a few times, she’s friends with someone I live with so she always end up in my garden or my kitchen; they make great music. Pale Waves, I’m a big fan of those guys, they’re great. Goat Girl as well, George Ezra of course. Shotgun by the way, finest piece of pop music released in the last year, maybe ever. I’ve heard rumours about that song, it’s genius the way they did it. I think the bass line was originally gonna be in a remix, and they took it like “this is too good, it’s too good. It needs to be in the chorus of a song” so they took it.

Anteros as well, The Sherlocks, and then Whenyoung who toured with us, they’re great. Marika Hackman, she’s great, she’s a good friend.

Feet! I was their first ever fan, you might not know this, nobody knows this. I found them on Facebook when they had about 30 likes and I sent them to this guy called Russ Tanner and we used to just like, obsess over them. The song Petty Thieving had just gone on Youtube, it had like 100 views, and I was like we’ve gotta help these guys out. He emailed them a lot and spoke to them, and then they eventually joined our then management company and now they’re doing fantastic things. So I’ve been keeping an eye on them.

There’s plenty, it’s a really good festival if you’re into new music.

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