Truck Festival: 5 Minutes with... Jaws

Along with all the other incredible artists that graced one of the many stages at Truck Festival 2018 were the wonderful Jaws who played Truck as just one of the many festivals they have lined up for the summer, they performed on the Market Stage just before their fellow Birmingham boys, Peace, on the first day of the festival.

After a rather sweaty, bouncy set the boys we joined Jaws in the back of their van to talk all about Truck, other artists and their favourite bread.

So you just played Truck Festival, did you enjoy it?

Eddy- No... no. Yeah it was sick!

Connor- Yeah, it was good!

Have you been to see any of the other bands that have played today?

Connor- No, we’ve only been here two minutes, we got here just before we were meant to play.

Eddy- Bad traffic, it was absolutely manic!

You’ve played with some really cool bands before, who would you say is the best band you’ve ever had the chance to play with is?

Connor- Ah, Tinie Tempah.

Tinie Tempah? Explain please!

Connor- It was in Portsmouth wasn’t it? I don’t know, I’m gonna end up dragging this out.

Eddy- Snoop Dogg! Snoop Doggy Dogg, I remember it was at this festival and we were just walking down, well I was anyway.

Connor- Was it at Bestival?

Eddy- Oh yeah, and then suddenly, this place that I'd just been naturally walking down to get to places was just like "YOU CAN’T GO DOWN THERE NOW! BECAUSE SNOOP DOGG HAS ARRIVED! Unless you have a gold wristband, you’re not getting anywhere near him." But we watched him and he was sick.

So are we expecting any more music from you guys soon?

Eddy- I don’t know!

Connor- I don’t even know, are we?

Eddy- I’m asking you…

Connor- Well have you written it?!

I’m going to take that as a no then?

Alex- I think the answer’s yes.

Connor- The answer is yes, next year at some point.

So I know you’re playing Tramlines this weekend and, Y Not next week, do you enjoy playing festivals, and what’s your favourite thing about them?

Connor- Just the atmosphere is totally different to doing a headline show. Everyone’s already drunk or high so they’re all up for it, it’s mad what a gathering of people does to people eepending on the time slot, at 1 O’clock everyone’s like "I just want some chips!"

Eddy- And if you’re first on Sunday that’s not ideal.

Are you guys going to be watching Peace after this then?

Connor- Oh yeah, they’re from home. Actually, they’ve already started and this is the only one I know so, I don’t think I will.

When it comes to festival food, what’s the holy grail for you?

Eddy- The best festival food I had was at Knee Deep Festival, wherever that was.

Connor- That was more street food vibes.

Eddy- They had these chips right and they put chilli and garlic mayo on them.

Connor- I think it was last year we were at a festival that we had catering at and it was a curry, it was like a fully catered healthy, nice meal, didn’t have to go and venture out to get some chips and a burger.

Eddy- We just went to Germany and had bread.

Connor- We just ate bread that’s it, it’s this bread that’s like salty.

Eddy- Salty German bread.

Connor- It was like a dough pizza base, but also like, what do you have a kebab in?

Alex- Pitta.

Connor- Pitta, a mix of pitta and pizza dough, with salt.

Eddy- Let’s talk about this.

Yeah okay then let’s talk about bread, what’s your favourite kind of bread?

Connor- I would tell you but I don’t know what it’s called.

Eddy- German Salty bread.

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