The Slumdogs - Cut The Conversation Short

Blackpool alternative/rock quartet The Slumdogs have spent the last few years captivating crowds at their intense live shows and having since been picked up by 25 Hour Convenience Store (Gary Powell of The Libertines’ label), are causing a stir with their single releases.

New single Cut The Conversation Short is the latest of their punchy tracks, which is raw and aggressive from the start but consistently catchy throughout. With a shouty vocal style performing the perfectly poetic and mature lyrics; The Slumdogs are clearly daring to challenge convention within the alternative/rock scene. Clear cut harmonies line the chorus and reinforce the aggression of the title lyric which inevitably ends up stuck in your head for hours to come.

Intense but thoughtful and poetic; The Slumdogs are an act you’ll definitely want to see live.

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