Siracuse - Control EP

For a band of only 3 members, Cheltenham based Siracuse are capable of a huge amount of brilliant sound. Their debut EP, Control, is the latest example of their seemingly effortless endeavours.

The EP begins with title track, Control. It boasts soaring vocals that coast over fluently cool guitar riffs, separated by exciting drum fills. Control is atmospheric and echoey yet relentlessly punchy and by the end of the song feels like a trippy dream of a rock song.

Next up is Glass Houses; opening with full-sounding drums into a long ‘rock n’ roll’ style riff, it’s a long intro showing off their expertise before the vocals come in. And yet again, the vocals and the way they’re mixed into the track, provide the dreamlike psychedelic vibe that Siracuse do so well.

Some may consider it a bold move to feature a live track on a debut EP, but Last Gang (Live) beautifully changes the tone of the EP. It’s comparatively calm and a totally different sound to the surrounding tracks, but perfectly shows off the diversity of the band and their ability to give a strong live performance with an acoustic song.

Trip On is the fourth and final song that Control has to offer and rounds it off in an all-encompassing manner. This track feels like a culmination of the heavy and dream-like ends of Siracuse, all squeezed together into one more nostalgic sounding piece.

When it comes to writing psych indie rock anthems, Siracuse have it all worked out.

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