Satellite Stories - Cut Out The Lights

With an impressive 10-year history behind them, Finnish indie pop band Satellite Stories recently announced their decision to leave the band behind them. While often likened to seasoned indie rock act Two Door Cinema Club, Satellite Stories have come into their own; going from strength to strength after several consistently catchy albums.

It seems only right that they end this chapter of their lives by giving us one last taste of their irresistibly upbeat indie repertoire with a final album and a goodbye tour that spans some of the most prominent cities in Europe.

Entitled Cut Out The Lights, this album has distinct echoes of the tunes that define the earlier Satellite Stories sound but feels fresh and mature: truly the right way to mark the end of an era. The band themselves say they “went back to basics and just made music the way [they] wanted to”. The production is clean and crisp, and each track brings a new kind of indie magic to the table, while staying true to the sound they’ve built over the years.

The 10 tracks that make up this album are relentlessly catchy, which is made clear right from the opener Green River. This track feels nostalgic as summer draws to an end, but still features their classic gorgeous pop synth sounds, keeping it light and very danceable. The album is littered with occasional segments of speech which tie the songs together into a perfectly cohesive piece of work; Cut Out The Lights is a gift.

Wild Wind flaunts perfectly jangly guitars and strong but smooth vocals before building into an intensely summery masterpiece. The vocals fight the catchy riffs for attention, but the balance is perfectly executed in the mix.

A definite highlight is Sunglasses, which boasts sassy speech to begin with and refined vocals throughout-with a punchy riff carrying them through. It comes to a sudden end that leaves you craving more; until the next song Mercury, which swiftly picks up the pace again. The lyrics are sophisticated and reflective, and effortlessly exhibit the genius behind Satellite Stories’ songwriting.

Title track Cut Out The Lights is echoey and dreamy; repetitive but artfully so. The guitars are sparky and inventive and fade in and out in all the right places, leaving this track sounding like the kind of music to make your best summer memories to. Combining lyrics such as “I’m heartless, I know” with poppy, anthemic riffs is quintessentially Satellite Stories and is part of what makes this album feel so special. No Adagio flaunts a little bit of falsetto, reinforcing the sheer talent this band is capable of bringing to the table. Perfectly reflecting the title, this song is fast-paced and jumpy.

Alone In Eldorado deserves its place as the final goodbye on the album. Suitably repeating “adios, adios, adios” but in an optimistic tone, it is the epitome of what they’ve built as a band over the course of their 10-year history.

It’s hard to listen to such a cohesive and lovely album without a tinge of sadness that this is the last we’ll hear of Satellite Stories. This album was a perfect way to say goodbye; distinctive and bittersweet. Cut Out The Lights is unapologetically poppy but the skilful use of intricate guitar parts and quirky vocals is always going to leave fans wanting more. Satellite Stories are going out with a bang.

Satellite Stories’ goodbye tour The Final Story will send them to several European countries, including a large run of home shows in Finland.

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