The Americas - Guitar Music Is Dead

The Americas are absolute masters of constructing the biggest chill, rock and roll, feel-good vibes. Comprised of just 3 members, Aaron Whittaker, Alex Bradshaw and Harry Payne; their song writing is nothing short of stellar, as proven by their debut EP Guitar Music Is Dead. With lead vocals coming from both Harry and Aaron interchangeably, each song is authentically performed with a personal undertone. Having already heard three of the tracks as singles earlier in the summer; I knew we were in for a treat upon hearing the remaining three.

Opening with Come on Out, the track epitomises a hazy, happy afternoon despite the lyrical theme of loneliness. Bursting with nostalgia and positive sentimentality, The Americas open the EP with a universally relatable and laid-back anthem.

Next up is American Morning. As the track opens into its catchy and vibrant riff, it’s met with lyrics that vividly and artfully conjure up the setting that the title intends. Lines such as “there’s a radio hum making me feel numb, coming out of some chain café”, alongside the casual 70s rock n’ roll guitar, set the scene perfectly.

One of the previously unheard tracks, Bad News is a curveball that straight away delivers high energy in the form of loud guitars and hard-hitting vocals. It’s groovy and infectious, with an aggressive edge and message underlying throughout.

Fourth comes Backyard Love Song, followed by I Don’t Wanna Go Home in all its punky psych-rock glory. The Americas have proven themselves as beyond capable, in fact brilliant, at creating an atmosphere with their music.

Elegantly closing the EP is Rosanna, a dreamy and equally groovy culmination of all that has preceded it. Layers of harmonised vocals top off the consistently catchy riff, leaving Guitar Music Is Dead perfectly rounded off. It comes full circle as each song feels like a journey taken in slightly different directions, that all still provide the distinct talent that The Americas bear.

Nobody else is producing a sound quite like theirs right now, and the Guitar Music Is Dead EP is all the evidence you need of that. Traditional but quirky, nostalgic and powerful; The Americas are proving that guitar music is in fact thriving.

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