The Calls - The Night The World Stood Still

Leeds based indie-rock trio The Calls have shared their 6-track EP The Night the World Stood Still and have intensified their creativity by exploring psychedelia through visual imagery, such as colour shifting techniques and overlays, in May Day and Lost Art of Romance music videos.

First track May Day opens strong with overdriven electric guitar, adhering to alt-rock/post-punk tones, in similar style to Radiohead and The Charlatans. The official video for May Day experiments with vivid colours and overlays to produce a hazy, dizzying effect that could represent the erratic paces of instrumentation, as there are both slow and fast-paced guitar and drums.

What Can You Do and I Am Gone immediately contrast the brightness of May Day, with broken-up, growling bass setting in before the introduction of more sprightly guitar. The lyrics "when I think of love I think of you" from What Can You Do are incongruous with the darker tonality, giving the track character.

Title track Night the World Stood Still is the fourth on the EP and showcases tremolo during the instrumental, amplifying The Calls’ rock n’ roll sound. The swirling guitar towards the end of the song expresses the psychedelic nature of the EP, forming a distinctive identity in combination with monotone vocals.

Approaching the close, The Calls reinstate the prominent bass with Lost Art of Romance and I Can’t Afford It, the longest track on the EP. I Can’t Afford It contains the whirling, disjunctive guitars that are implicated in psychedelic music, creating an intricate sound that The Calls sustain rather well.

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