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Having been together for three years, Leicestershire trio The Lids’ successes are constantly building. Their anthemic indie-rock sound has seen the band fill support slots for the likes of High Tyde and Superfood, and take to festivals stages at Tramlines and Y Not Festival.

Following the release of their latest single I’m So Bleak, we had a chat with The Lids to find out what they’re all about.

You’ve played Tramlines and Y Not, do you enjoy the change in atmosphere compared to gigs?

Festivals are always good because it's outside and the sun is shining which is great but gigs are a little bit more intimate and you know people are there to watch you so we enjoy both just as much

Do you have any weird festival stories you can share with us?

At Leeds festival last year someone went to the toilet outside of our tent so we had to pick it up in a bin bag and dispose of it, so that was pretty weird. They also stole our beer.

Which artists would you choose to headline with at your dream festival?

S:Kendrick Lamar, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kasabian would be cool because they're local lads

R: Foo Fighters, they're my favourite

L: Earth, Wind & Fire, Everything Everything and Weezer

Who have you most enjoyed touring with so far?

The No Hot Ashes boys were dead nice when we played with them at The Cookie, and Superfood were also a really nice bunch, they're all easy to talk to and it's cool playing with bands like that because it gives you an idea as to what we could get to if we keep at it

It’s always great to support other artists, how have some inspired you and does it help spark creativity within your own music?

We tend to be as independent as possible but playing with big bands means that we can see what people like to hear and how we can improve our songs by adding other elements like synth parts or as we have just done, adding a new person to play with us live.

How did it feel being invited to collaborate with Christian Fuchs’ clothing brand #NoFuchsGiven?

It was a shock at the time but also pretty cool to be fair. With two of us being huge Leicester fans it was amazing having one of our heroes want to work with us and it's gone really well

What has been the most difficult song to write and produce and what is your favourite?

The hardest song to produce was probably Delectable because we added loads of bits in when we were in the studio (like all of the synth stuff), but that also made it our favourite to produce as it sounds so much better than it did when we went in to the studio.

Have you got any exciting news lined up for us?

Loads! We're doing as many gigs as we can, in Leicester in particular with another song to be released towards the end of the year and we are back in the studio recording more stuff too so it's going to be an exciting few months.

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