Anteros // Latenight Honeymoon - Soup Kitchen, Manchester

With the humble venue of Manchester’s Soup Kitchen being the band’s only sold out show of the tour, the pressure to deliver was on for London four piece Anteros; and that’s exactly what they did. The room lit up with neon lights, the stage within arms reach and fans with drinks in hand, it was more than obvious that the night ahead would be nothing less than a huge party.

Opening the show were Latenight Honeymoon, indie four piece from London, who provided a performance fuelled by attitude and energy. Starting off rather tame, their confidence flourished as their setlist progressed, and within no time they were throwing themselves around the stage, claiming it as their own. Not only did they maintain a close relationship with the crowd throughout, their chemistry as a band was undeniable and only strengthened their performance.

Performing their lead single Live Your Life Without Me, Latenight Honeymoon did the perfect job of hyping the crowd up for Anteros, whilst proving themselves as ones to watch on the music scene.

Although smaller than most, the modest stage of The Soup Kitchen didn’t stop Anteros from making their entrance. With three of four members taking to the stage first to kickstart their opening song Cherry Drop, the eyes of fans scanned the room, eagerly anticipating the presence of frontwoman Laura Hayden.

With just enough time to start singing, the band’s frontwoman makes her entrance, running onto the stage radiating an effortless confidence and swagger than has the entire room captivated. Wasting no time in letting the crowd know what Anteros are all about, Hayden eliminates any hierarchy between audience and band, constantly interacting with the crowd and getting them involved in every way she could. Fans already on shoulders and arms up in the air, the crowd was a sea of glittered up teens, ready to dance the night away to Anteros’ anthemic indie tunes.

In anticipation of their album When We Land, set for release March next year, the band also played some newer material, including their latest single, Ordinary Girl. A slower single, exploring the band’s vulnerability; the crowd did not let the energy in the room drop, instead taking a moment to shift it to a more, harmonious and calm atmosphere.

Never a dull moment at an Anteros show, the night was full of surprises. From their short cover of These Boots Are Made For Walking which lead seamlessly into their hit track Drunk, the crowd was consistently entertained by the tricks the band had up their sleeve. Providing a bass to make the ground shake, balanced out by lead singers haunting vocals, Drunk had the crowd going wild, ready for the rest of what their set had to offer.

Songs such as Bonnie, which Hayden said to be one of the band’s favorites and is all about “empowering women” had to be the nights highlight, as she invited girls from the audience to join her up on stage and represent the powerful females of Manchester. Although proving challenging for security, Laura Hayden put her fans first and danced away with them until the song was over.

Drawing the night to a close with titular track Anteros the audience chant back the lyrics word for word, looking up to the band with admiration, soaking up the room’s electric atmosphere for one final time. Before the songs end, the band’s frontwoman thanks the crowd before running off stage, allowing Anteros’ remaining three members to play the song out. At any Anteros gig, be there a dedicated fan, or just to enjoy some live music, you’re guaranteed to leave in awe of their work.

Photography by Zack Hough

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