Tom Odell - Manchester o2 Apollo

On a rather bleak Friday night in Manchester, Tom Odell and his band brought the Jubilee Road tour to Manchester’s beloved Apollo venue as the singer songwriter is due to release his third album.

Odell’s set sends the audience of a sea of young and older fans alike on an emotional rollercoaster, offering his adoring fans heartfelt ballads along with upbeat anthemic tunes that no one can help but dance and sing along to. Opening with one of his newer offerings, the title track of his new album Jubilee Road which fans welcome with open arms as they sing every word back to the singer songwriter.

Even though every song relies on Tom’s piano playing skills, that doesn’t stop him from standing up and getting the crowd going; and one thing about Odell is that he definitely isn’t shy about standing on top of his grand piano to reach every member of the crowd. By this time the crowd are already in the palm of his hand, and following his every note and move. Fan favourites such as Another Love and Can’t Pretend not only showcase his impressive vocal range, but his ability to pour his heart and soul out to the audience, leaving every member of the crowd in awe at how effortless Odell makes it look.

Standing atop of his grand piano once again, Tom thanked the crowd before jumping down and leaving the stage, only to return for the encore the audience was so desperate for. Not one to follow the usual two song encore structure, the evening drew to an end with a 5 song encore featuring latest release Half as Good as You and the very last song, Magnetised; during which Tom encouraged the audience to sing the words back to him, not that he needed too as every member in the audience was dancing and screaming the lyrics “She keeps me hanging on” at the top of their voices.

As Odell and his band left the stage to endless cheers, it was clear to see that each in the room was left impressed and thrilled with what a show Tom Odell and his band so effortlessly put on.

Photography by Holly Marsden

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