Bad Sounds // Indoor Pets - Gorilla, Manchester

Despite the cold weather having well and truly arrived, Gorilla was far from chilly on Sunday evening as Bad Sounds made their return to Manchester for a sold out stop on their Get Better tour.

The addictively excitable Indoor Pets (Formerly known as Get Inuit) filled the evening’s main support slot, wasting no time in sending the equally excited crowd into a frenzy of bouncing heads and mosh pits. Packing out the set with fan favourites Barbituates, All My Friends and Pro Procrastinator, frontman Jamie Glass joyfully talked of the news of their recently announced debut album, before introducing the previously unheard Good Enough.

From their knack for writing catchy pop tunes to their infectious, bubbly on stage energy; Indoor Pets simply overflow with feel good vibes, setting the perfect atmosphere for the rest of the evening.

Following what was probably one of the strangest stage introductions, in the form of an almost hypnotic broadcast which questioned “do you want to Get Better?” whilst shifting focus to the single white light which stood centre stage; Bad Sounds bounded into view with an energy you’d struggle to find elsewhere.

Kicking off with current single Wages, any doubts of the fun about to be had were quickly abolished. Within minutes confetti cannons were shot into the air and Ewan had managed to drop off the edge of the stage straight into the arms of the raucous crowd.

There’s not a pinch of shame in the addictively poppy sound of Get Better. Each and every track on the set list was packed out with funky riffs and danceable synth, from Evil Powers to Couldn’t Give it Away; watching the genuine thrill of being on stage in Callum and Ewan as they piggybacked each other across the stage and played around with their crowd created a connection which every band should aspire to.

The white light returned for a brief period as the five piece left the stage, returning shortly later with fresh outfits and an abundance of red and yellow balloons. How Are You Gonna Lose? and Milk It saw the room continue to bounce and a tambourine vanish into the hands of a member of the front row; which of course only added to the laughs shared on stage.

Each little detail of the Get Better tour simply built on the inventive, refreshing experience that is Bad Sounds. In a world of samey indie bands and lack-lustred live shows, the Bath band are a breath of fresh air.

Drifting towards an end with Zacharia and Avalanche, the evening’s atmosphere was one packed with genuine enjoyment, there was a genuine feeling that those in that room had just experienced something truly new and exciting.

Bad Sounds simply proved themselves as the masters of good times.

Photography by Olivia Williams

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