The Voidz - The Ritz, Manchester

Following the release of their second album, Virtue back in March, Julian Casablancas and The Voidz made their return to the UK this week for a handful of shows across the country; stopping off at Manchester’s The Ritz on Wednesday evening.

As the lights went down and the music playing over the speakers got louder, the crowd were well and truly ready for the band to take to the stage. The crowd started to chant Julian’s name until the band walked out on the stage, Casablancas being the last one to walk out and grab his mic. Kicking off proceedings with Leave It In My Dreams, a pop infused tune from their latest album, the crowd started to let go of themselves as they began to sway and sing the lyrics back to the band on stage, preparing themselves for the rest of the evening.

It’s safe to say that having been a part of The Strokes for 20 years, Julian has been accepted as an icon. As fans shout and scream his name at the end of every song, it’s clear to see that Casablancas is just as adored as he was back in The Strokes’ prime.

Transitioning into M.utually A.ssured D.estruction of their debut album Tyranny, the crowd visibly became increasingly taken by The Voidz, dancing and singing more and more as the set went on.

The set started to draw to it's end with Casablancas’ chants of “Are you selfish or stupid? It’s one of those 2’’ to the fast paced sounds of Black Hole before bidding goodbye. None the less, the crowd remained firmly in place, eagerly awaiting their encore; with The Voidz returning minutes later.

The ten minute long Human Sadness brought the evening to it’s close, leaving the majority of fans in awe and endless cheers of Julian’s name. It’s clear to see that fans of The Voidz hold them just as close to their hearts as they would The Strokes, and after their performance in Manchester there’s no doubt that it’s deserved.

Photography by Holly Marsden

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