Ted Duchamp - My Cool Ghost

Beginning with a typically indie-pop back beat, it was easy to assume on first listen that My Cool Ghost would just be another predictable tune, much in the same vein as what is being regularly reproduced in the alternative scene on a daily basis nowadays.

However on further listening, Ted Duchamp’s tone and style brings a fresh, Scandinavian twist to what we are so used to listening to as British listeners. Even with the obvious and important message of mental health that runs through this song, the beat and tone brings a positive energy that supersedes the potentially downbeat message. The energetic tone over lines such as ‘my mind is playing tricks on me’ tricks the listener to look past the potentially negative lyricism. Even the title My ‘Cool’ Ghost brings a more positive and individual vibe to the song, allowing the listener to reflect on their own feelings in a more favourable way.

Ted Duchamp draw on indie, rock and pop-punk influences in this song, reminiscent of music of the earlier 2000s, that I for one, honestly miss.

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