The Japanese House // Art School Girlfriend - Gorilla, Manchester

On Sunday the 25th November 2018, The Japanese House, a.k.a Amber Bain completed her tour in the where else but rainy Manchester, the ethereal dream-pop singer took to the stage at Gorilla to end the tour on a high and proved her talent and beauty to the people of Manchester.

Supporting The Japanese House was the Welsh beauty that is Art School Girlfriend a.k.a Polly, who played a number of her incredible, gothic yet delicate tracks, a lot of which are focused on sexuality and queerness. She was able to enchant the crowd into a state of silence during her entire performance as it was clear that no-one expected her to be as talented as she was. Each of her songs were slow and dreamy and she was lacking in anything upbeat which although may be disappointing to a crowd ready to dance, it was perfect for a dreary Sunday night.

Since the release of her debut EP Pools to Bathe In in 2015, The Japanese House has been making a name for herself in the music industry and someone to watch as she constantly hypnotises with her talent. As soon as she took to the stage at Gorilla it was clear that the energy and warmth that exudes off her is rubbed off on everyone in the room instantly, she is able to fill the room with happiness immediately and it is clear from the get go that she is ready to put on a gig to remember even if it is the final one of the tour. She kicked off the show with Face Like Thunder and this definitely prepared the crowd for the show as people were singing along and it was clear that everyone expected the night to be just as incredible from beginning to end. She continued the night with hits such as Cool Blue and Saw You in A Dream along with songs from her upcoming album which everyone seemed to love just as much as the oldies.

Something that The Japanese House is always able to do is make sure every single person in the room has full attention on her for the entire set, she is constantly keeping the energy up and a Japanese House show is a promise for a good night whether it is the beginning or right at the end of her tour. It is inevitable that with the release of her album, she will continue to grow and gain more popularity and she is definitely someone to be excited about.

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