JAWS - Driving At Night

JAWS’ announcement of their third studio album The Ceiling, set to be released on the 5th of April comes alongside the news of a UK tour and in true JAWS fashion a paradoxically dark and glittery new single, Driving at Night.

Speaking excitedly about the new album guitarist and frontman Connor Schofield explains: "Lyrically 'The Ceiling' is generally about feeling a bit lost, I think as you grow up everything feels like it’s moving along a lot quicker; friends, relationships, life can all seem to move at 100 mph. Sometimes we forget that it’s ok to stand still for a bit sometimes and actually breathe. A lot of these songs are about dealing with that. Musically I think we’ve surprised even ourselves with it, we’ve gone down paths we haven’t taken before and ended up with something we’re really very excited about."

With Driving at Night providing the first glimpse of the band’s latest project, true to Schofield’s words, we can see a slightly darker more brooding JAWS than ever before However from the get go, it’s obvious that this is still the same JAWS that many will be familiar with. Signature reverb soaked guitar riffs, introspective lyrics and drawn out dream pop vocals unsurprisingly make an appearance. Listening closely though, you can hear that this is a band that is far more comfortable with their sound than ever before and has been able to experiment more freely whilst keeping to a formula that makes them unique.

Tight driving drumbeats quickly pull you along for the ride as the melodic glittery and jangly guitar provide a fitting landscape to emulate the unmistakeable high of driving at night, windows down music loud. Whilst not a total reinvention of their sound, JAWS have done what they do best and condensed the feelings of unforgettable youthful memories into a soaring jangle pop single, providing a rose-tinted glow to a triumphantly bittersweet song – an exciting first look at what could be the bands most ambitious project to date.

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