Blossoms // Fuzzy Sun // Whenyoung - Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse welcomed Blossoms home in true style on Saturday night with the first of their two hometown shows. Opened up by Whenyoung and Fuzzy Sun, the night was a true testament to the quality that is currently being delivered by the indie scene in Britain.

Irish three piece Whenyoung opened the night, serenading the crowd with Laura Marling-esque vocal tones over familiar, upbeat, indie-pop that has been taking the world by storm of late. Separating themselves from the stream of artists emerging producing a similar sound, Whenyoung emitted a unique spin on the genre, combining male and female vocals and departing from cliché.

Next up were Fuzzy Sun. Another Stockport band, warming up the notably eclectic crowd with their refreshingly psychedelic pop tunes, displaying the breadth of sound that is coming out of the 2018 music scene. We were transported far from gloomy Manchester to long summer days with tunes such as Want Love, and the yet to be released Warm Nights, a song that summed up their essence to a tee. Their on stage energy was unparalleled, showing the crowd that such a genre need not only be dominated by the dulcet tones reminiscent of a 2013 Swim Deep. The hometown pride was tangible, with the crowd buzzed off the new talent that was so evident in this five piece.

Finally, the crowd erupted with the entrance of Blossoms to Kanye West’s Black Skinhead. The emergence of frontman Tom Ogden in an Alex Turner style grey suit with a huge seventies collar was no doubt a surprise, but the attitude and showmanship that came with it meant that it was a pleasant one. It may have been the adrenaline of a hometown show, but Blossoms no doubt debunked every bad rumour there is around about their stage presence on Saturday night.

Kicking off the show with the moody yet high energy Unfaithful, the Stockport boys gave us a glimpse of what we were in store for the rest of the night. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, a special sort of vibe that you only really encounter in Manchester at the gig of a Manchester band, Blossoms were triumphant in maintaining and building an atmosphere throughout, with a set list that only aided this. 

Honey Sweet stood out as a highlight, as for the first time in the night people ascended to shoulders across the venue, and the boys exhibited their transitioning skills with a seamless jump to Cool Like You. Just before the encore, Ogden was left on his own on the stage, with a soulful acoustic rendition of My Favourite Room, before inviting the crowd in for a You’re Gorgeous / Last Christmas / Half the World Away / Don’t Look Back in Anger medley.

In typical Manchester fashion, the band proceeded to the encore with a transcendent cover of Bigmouth Strikes Again, an incredibly bold move in Morrissey’s home town of Stretford, and one that paid off. Ending on the classic 2016 Charlemagne, Stockport’s finest left the stage with the audience wanting more. They were a true testament to how far this band has come in the past two years, and put any skeptics of the boys to shame.

Photography by Zack Hough

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