2018: The Top 5 Releases

It’s Christmas time, 2018 is almost over and our submissions folder is now switched to do not disturb for a few weeks (we think). This year we’ve received more new music than ever before, and typed up as many single reviews as adult life would allow us (time goes really fast when you’re past 18).

This can only mean it’s time for our final post of the year, alas we have picked our five favourite singles of 2018 and stuck ‘em into this handy list ready for you to fall in love with. Check them out below, we’ll catch you in the new year!

Latenight Honeymoon - Live Your Life Without Me

(Words by Rebecca Mason)

London newcomers Latenight Honeymoon are undoubtedly one of the most exciting new bands of 2018. The release of their debut single Live Your Life Without Me back in August provided a shimmering, romance drenched story of London’s nightlife; leaving a lasting impression on all of us lucky enough to have stumbled across it. Stupidly catchy yet refreshing, the quartet’s shimmering indie pop has an enviable ability to wiggle it’s way deep into your head, leaving it’s glistening chorus firmly on repeat in our minds ever since it’s release. Add Latenight Honeymoon’s bursting live energy to all of that and you get solid indie anthem potential, without the genericism; as proven on their head turning debut tour with Anteros back in Autumn.

Marsicans - Pop-Ups (Sunny At The Weekend)

(Words by Rebecca Mason)

Where have you been if you’re yet to fall in love with Marsicans? The most colourful band in indie have taken 2018 by storm, sold out headline tours and countless festival performances have seen more fall in love with their dirty pop sound than ever before. The endearing sound of Pop-Ups (Sunny At The Weekend) arrived at the perfect time to make itself an essential feel-good soundtrack to festival season. Full to the brim with the loveable, bubbly Marsicans charm we’ve come to know and love, the Leeds lads’ strongest release to date oozes with jangly, upbeat riffs topped off with a driving chorus fit for any summer time activity.

Indoor Pets - Being Strange

(Words by Rebecca Mason)

It’s been a tough year for Indoor Pets (FKA Get Inuit). From a forced name change to the theft of their gear while on tour with Bad Sounds, if there’s anyone deserving of some credit (and a break), it’s Jamie Glass and co. It’s not all bad though, the announcement of their debut album blessed us with Being Strange, a comforting celebration of ‘being weird’. Loyal to the Indoor Pets sound loved by all, Being Strange is addictive, exciting and nothing short of fun. Wailing guitars met with Jamie Glass’ defined vocals make for pure joy, proving Indoor Pets more than capable of overcoming the challenges thrown at them.

Banfi – If not for you

(Words by Caitlin Buller)

This past year saw the rise of East London’s indie-rock trio, Banfi. They released a number of successful singles and two great EPs, as well as touring up and down the UK. If not for you, the lead track from The Marlow EP, kicks off with an infectious guitar opening, and added synth melodies give the song a more pop-feel compared to previous singles. The lyrics, though sombre, are given a new lease of life when paired with the bright and energetic music. Through lead-singer Joe Banfi’s melancholic vocals they manage to show a vulnerability and honest depiction about love and appreciation for another. Despite the sad sincerity of his words, the song is an upbeat hit that makes you want to move. It’s this emotional contrast that enables the track to stick out from their other songs, and that’s why it’s a favourite.

Churches - Forever

(Words by Pete Wisher)

Scottish electronic pop outfit CHVRCHES may have released their most polarising album this year with their third record Love is Dead, but with it has come some of the finest additions to their discography. Forever sees the band and producer Greg Kurstin team up to maximum effect, in a glossy and uplifting pop number complete with a soaring mid-track guitar solo. With ex-The Kills drummer Jonny Scott adding some power to CHVRCHES’ live show, Forever is the song that is making this decision look like a no-brainer. Truly one of the more memorable and addictive releases of 2018.

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