Sundara Karma - Higher States

Sundara Karma’s first release of 2019 has arrived in the form of Higher States, a triumphant high octane return to the group’s signature sound; taken from their upcoming sophomore album Ulfilas’ Alphabet which is set to be released on the 1st of March,

Speaking passionately about the single, lead singer Oscar Pollock says: “All songs are equal, but some songs are more equal than others. This song is our equaliser, our rapidfire arm. It’s invasive like a blazing probe and has more drops than Diplo.”

He isn’t wrong either, this single is much livelier than the previously unveiled tracks The Changeover, One Last Night On This Earth, and Illusions, which were released in late 2018. Higher States bends the band’s iconic style which fans will be all too familiar with, toward a more electronic avenue. Creating an energetic wall of sound that picks the listener up in its glittery arms, allowing them to be lost, in vivid yet never superficial imagery of rebellion and youth. Sonically the band have clearly taken a huge leap forward, their new sharper style accentuating the well written poetry of the groups lyrics and in turn revealing a band that seems wiser than its years.

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