Demob Happy - Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Demob Happy kicked off their tour in Manchester at Soup Kitchen, on Sunday night; providing a wild night with the crowd giving back as much craziness as the band.

Demob Happy recently released their single Less Is More, which they played along with a mix of old and new tracks. What was evident among their fans was how much love they have for the band. There was no change in mood when a new unheard song was played, it was constantly total adoration. The pits started about half way through their set and never ended. Everyone in the room had huge grins on their faces, happy to be shoved around the sweat fest that was taking place in Soup Kitchen’s basement.

The band proved to be one of the best live bands around, not just based on the constant high, wild energy they give when performing. But based on the pure talent they each hold as musicians. Mixing up the set with a slower piano song, accompanied by Tom (drummer) playing guitar, they really blew everyone away vocally. The mood in the room changed to bewilderment and appreciation, but very quickly returned to chaotic movement.

In summery, listen to Demob Happy, go see them live, don’t miss out on these amazing musicians.

Photography by Holly Elizabeth Beson-Tams

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