Martha Hill - Reborn

Hard hitting alt-pop artist Martha Hill is back with her third release, Reborn. Newcastle based and writing songs that can be identified as “light in the darkness”, Martha’s latest track is nothing but honest. Packed with powerful lyrics and killer songwriting ability, here’s hoping that Martha has something special lined up for the future.

Reborn is really about an awakening of not looking back. Keep looking forward “bouncing back is just a past time” after all… Brightly coloured guitar melodies are fitted perfectly in the mix with the ‘dark tone’ being the string arrangement. It’s like an angel and devil battling on your shoulders, but once they’re balanced, you can be realistic and honest. Heavenly with your eyes shaped in love hearts, we’re blinded by love. Once we’ve awoke - things become real. Martha has isolated this imagery perfectly with a beautiful arrangement.

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