Sundara Karma // whenyoung // Phoebe Green - Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

Sundara Karma are still one of the most exciting live bands to see as they fill the stage with personality and never fail to put on a brilliant show. They certainly continued this legacy at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester last week. They continue to bring energy and never let it drop and it was clear that everyone who was ready to see them was already aware that it was going to be a fun, dance filled evening.

The first support act of the night was the insanely talented Phoebe Green, Phoebe is a Manchester local and it was obvious that multiple people in the crowd were already aware of her and how wonderful she is. She performed her stunningly serene new single Dreaming Of along with songs from her debut album 02:00 AM such as Watercolour Envy and her beautiful voice, enchanting presence and humble yet confident personality was the perfect warm up for the night.

Following Phoebe were the Irish beauties whenyoung, although their whole tone is completely different to Phoebe, they two supports together really set up the night to be wonderful as whenyoung grabbed the currently solemn and calm crowd and got them to dance around, setting up the energy in the room for the rest of the evening. whenyoung constantly prove themselves to be a memorable act as their sound is so recognisable, they got the crowd going with songs such as Never Let Go and Dreams, along with Phoebe they definitely warmed everyone up for the main event, Sundara Karma.

It is known by many that Sundara Karma never disappoint and this show was no exception, Oscar's eclectic, loud and risky style choice perfectly showed off his personality and definitely allowed the audience to see his authentic self on the stage. There are so many bands that are fun to listen to and put on good shows but for these guys, that is just not enough, it is a performance for them and it’s not enough to just listen to the music, they are so brilliant and entertaining to watch that half of the show comes from their personalities. It’s undeniable that they continuously create incredible, energetic tunes and their live performance sounds just as good, if not better than in studio.

Oscar isn’t one to talk to the crowd much, he isn’t completely silent but he doesn’t have full conversations or tell long winded stories like some artists, and for this type of show it never really feels needed, people are there to have a good time and enjoy the music and just his stage presence alone is enough to exhibit his wonderfully outlandish personality.

Seeing the entire room jump up and down to their classics such as Flame, Explore and She Said, which were all played early on into the set, just proved the love that everyone felt for them and the sense of community that bands like this can create. Alongside the classics they performed songs from the new album Ulfilas’ Alphabet and even the newer songs were able to get the crowd dancing and jumping. Sundara Karma have this infectious energy that automatically translates to anyone around them and every single one of their shows, including this one, it is difficult to be in a bad mood when watching them perform live which is what makes them loved by so many people.

Photography by Zack Hough

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