Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard - Gullivers, Manchester

Among other well established Cliché’s, it’s a well known fact that behind every good rock band is a solid uniform, from The Ramones through to The Libertines, Sergeant Peppers Beatles through to Kiss (Let’s just not mention the infamous white jeaned Johnny Borrell), a band with an image can be the difference between being good and being brilliant.

But Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard aren’t just a band that’re aware of the well cemented rock rules, they’re a band that have mastered these cliché’s and excellently appropriate them into their performance.

With the crowd successfully warmed up by The Indica Gallery and Dactyl Terra, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard rush the stage fully clad in their finest denim attire, paying homage to their single Double Denim Hop and their hip dad rock aesthetic alike.

Merging together 2000’s Garage Rock sounds alongside powerful guitar stances that would leave the most flamboyant of frontmen begging for tips, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard captivate the crowd with their raw, yet catchy sound, leaving the rooms gaze transfixed upon the exuberant performance unfold just metres ahead on the small Gullivers stage.

With a live show so entertaining it felt over in seconds, the Yuck! Magazine launch felt an overwhelming success, surely winning over new audiences for the bands and magazine alike, whilst simultaneously providing pre-existing fans with their much needed rock & roll fix.

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