Mac DeMarco - Here Comes The Cowboy

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The new album from Mac DeMarco will come as no surprise to regular listeners of the Canadian singer-songwriter. With familiar soft chord progression and dulcet tones, DeMarco encapsulates a sultry and idealistic summery image, one that comes along with warm pints in a far off field and long, aimless road trips.

The title track Here Comes The Cowboy, runs simplistically and repetitiously, repeating the title in the most typically Mac DeMarco way to open an album. While this song may be criticised for its simplistic nature, this is a key part of Demarco’s charm, introducing the album in the only way he knows how.

A western vibe is kept consistent throughout, without tapping into the clichés of country, the slow and inviting nature of DeMarco’s songwriting combined with his lackadaisical nature as a persona creates a recipe for success in each of his albums, this new one being no different. With deep and soulful lyricism coming from an artist that is not one to take himself too seriously, DeMarco’s spirit has been half of his appeal since his rise to prominence in 2012.

This is evidenced in the track Choo Choo, lying in the middle of an album of the typically sad and slow, he brings the listener back down to earth, with a more upbeat, jazzy track, more fitting with the comedic name of the album. Stand out tracks include All Of Our Yesterdays, a song steeped in deep longing, nostalgia and heartache, the soft and lazy guitar strumming you into a trance like state, as DeMarco so successfully and consistently achieves. This song is representative of the tone achieved throughout the album, creating an aura of an old man looking back on times gone by in a way that supersedes the pretentious and becomes matter of fact, with an overall positive message, contrary to what one may perceive from the title alone.

Positivity also radiates from Finally Alone, a track with a faster tempo, basking in the glory of solitude, his soft voice painting a picture of an idyllic life of escape while criticising the mentality of those who are in constant pursuit of things they do not have.

The album ends on the perfectly named Baby Bye Bye, a combination of about three songs in one, this track collates the entire vibe that this album puts out, the slow and sad lyrics morphing over a carefully curated selection of beats, incorporating that signature Mac DeMarco imperfect guitar twang that has become such a staple of his song writing and production.

Once again, DeMarco has curated an album that feels like a memory, thirteen tracks of easy listening that is sure to be the soundtrack to many a student’s summer. With a Spotify monthly listenership of over three million and counting, this album is exactly what people have been waiting for since 2017, and will definitely have his growing UK audience begging for tour dates before the year is out.

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