Slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Every few years an artist appears from the underground to deliver an album that captures the context and feeling of the time so well that it redefines music for any who wish to follow in their footsteps, in 2019 Slowthai is that artist.

Following in the pioneering footsteps of fellow midlands lyricist Mike Skinner from The Streets, 24 year old Tyron Frampton speaks eloquently and openly about his upbringing in forgotten out of city council estates and merges this with a despondent frustration with the current state of UK politics, the result is a witty perspective on issues such as a nation divided over Brexit, class inequality and the bitter effects of years of Tory austerity.

But wit isn’t the only tool Slowthai uses to articulate his views; he also isn’t one to shy away from controversy. Slowthai channels punk attitude with multiple references to his embitterment with the Monarchy, presented most perfectly on the Nothing Great about Britain self titled track in which he refers to our current reigning Queen Elizabeth as a cunt before proudly rounding off the track with a sardonic rendition of God Save the Queen.

It’s that punk attitude precisely that sets him apart from his grime counterparts and makes Nothing Great about Britain such a unique listen. While Grime has repeatedly been dubbed the new punk – (a fair comparison given the genres fast, loud and aggressive stylistic flow and a host of artists such as Skepta, Novelist and Stormzy ducking in and out of the political sphere), Slowthai unabashedly takes this to the next level with an album that injects exhilarating energy into these political topics.

If you find yourself equally as disillusioned with traditional patriotism I present to you Slowthai, a reason to place your hand on your heart and swear you’re proud to be British.

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