Trudy and The Romance - SEVENSTORE, Liverpool

At an intimate gathering for the launch of the new Fred Perry x RAF Simons collection, Trudy and the Romance had the whole room swaying and toe tapping to their nostalgic 50s style songs.

With an aesthetic to match, the boys drew in the audience with softly enthralling sound that not often reaches the forefront of music today.

Self described as ‘mutant 50s pop’ this Liverpool band transported the crowd to a different plain. Contrasted against the back drop of this modern fashion event, Trudy and the Romance were the perfect accompaniment, bringing a certain classically Liverpudlian flair to this event.

Serenading us with tunes such as the Is There a Place I Can Go and Twist It, Shake it. Rock & Roll, Trudy and the Romance sparked the flames of revival of a genre that seemed all but lost. With their debut album Sandman out now, this band spells exciting things in the most nostalgic way, providing a truly enthralling live show on top of this. The self dubbed ‘Original Doo-Wop Spacemen’ are definitely one to keep your eye on.

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