Good Future - Romance In The Modern Age

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

In their debut EP, Good Future tackle the intricacies of dating in the age of technology. Reminiscent of The 1975, this EP spells interesting things for this band. Lead single Not in Love is doubtlessly the most individual track in this collection, demonstrating a firm grasp on this more interesting branch of the indie pop genre, with lyrics that are not only catchy but also relatable, “wrong place, wrong time, wrong state of mind” becoming an ideal way of describing the problematic nature that has come along with the crossover between the online world and romance.

Both Not in Love and Call It Off deal with the importance of being upfront in an age where too many methods of communication can lead to a lack thereof; while these tracks sing exciting things for the promise of Good Future, Modern Romance lacks the nuance that they so successfully achieved in the rest of the EP.

In the age of Tinder, it is a common lament to despair and disparage the lack of emotion connected with such dating in such a vacuous way, and while that message is well received, at times it may be a little too obvious.

The Internet and Not Delivered ! display a distinct knowledge of the band’s intentions to branch into a more interesting realm of the indie pop genre, incorporating keys and melodies that you are helpless but to be drawn into, while keeping the lyricism minimal, if there at all, creating something quite individual amongst the majority of the North West’s emerging music scenes.

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