Get to know... Pixey

Having wet our appetites back in 2016 with her addictive, uplifting singles Young and Hometown, Liverpool’s DIY pop sweetheart Pixey is back with some of the most exciting indie pop the city has to offer.

Fresh from last week’s release of her first release in a couple of years, Supersonic Love, and geared up to share her long awaited debut EP Colours next Friday (6th September), we chatted to Lizzie Hillesden to find out a little bit more about her loveable pop charm.

You’ve just released your first new music for a couple of years, how does it feel to be back?

It feels right this time! It’s exciting to finally be releasing the songs I feel are the right ones for people to hear, giving me the time to understand myself as a writer.

‘Supersonic Love’ is taken from your debut EP, how long have you been working on that for? How does it feel to have it finished?

Not too long really. The project itself was finished a while back but there were some circumstances out of my control which delayed the release. These songs were some of the very first I had ever written & recorded, so it feels good to release them finally.

‘Colours’ is completely self produced, right? What’s changed in the way you produce your music since you released your first singles back in 2016?

Yes! It’s all just me in my bedroom. If I’m honest not much has changed since I first released Young. My equipment is a bit better now, as my old Fujitsu laptop and Scarlett 2i4 just couldn’t keep up with the bigger projects I wanted to make. Songs like ‘Supersonic Love’ and ‘Colours’ were just crashing, so I invested in some better gear.

How would you describe the EP to someone who has never heard your music before?

Upbeat, indie dream-pop that goes heavy on the guitar riffs. If you’re into that.

Was there anything in particular that inspired you to start writing/producing your own music, or is it just something that came around naturally?

I actually started writing following a serious illness at the beginning of 2016. I was home-bound for a bit, so I decided to try myself at recording on my laptop. Once I’d figured out how to record, I then started to loop some guitar riffs (as I had no experience playing the electric guitar at this point) and it just went from there. This was probably my favourite period of my music career so far. I would spend all night writing and recording sometimes. After that each song just came more naturally to me.

Liverpool’s music scene is really busy at the moment, what’s it like being a part of that?

It’s a busy scene, but such a diverse scene to be a part of which is what I love about it. I think it’s really interesting to observe the different genres of music that everyone individually chooses, how they write it, record it and how they play live. Everybody is so unique, whether it’s a solo R&B artist, a four piece indie band or a bedroom artist. Everyone is exploring different aspects of what it means to be an artist here.

Who are some of your favourite upcoming artists from that Liverpool scene?

A few of my favourites are Kyami, Pizzagirl, LUNA, Beija Flo, Ali Horn, Queen Zee, Zuzu, Brad Stank.

‘Colours’ is released next week, what’s next for you after that? When can we expect some live shows?

I hope to release more songs! I have been waiting so long to show everyone what I’ve been up to musically. Keep an eye out in September for some gigs that are coming up!

Pixey's 'Colours' EP is released on 6th September.

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