Idle Noise - Everybody Gets Famous

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The latest offering from Midlands four piece Idle Noise has got those craving a true chorus covered. Their storming tune, entitled: Everybody Gets Famous, kicks off with a reverb laden riff, that’s instantly recognisable as the initial brewings of a certified indie banger.

Recorded at Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield, Ben Brandist’s vocals cut through the mix with a Coventry twang, lost since the days of The Enemy. The refreshing melody displays Brandist’s want for what was or what ought to have been, leading to a mid-temperature chorus which leaves you craving more. The second verse turns up the heat with a more aggressive beat and vocal delivery which sees Everybody Gets Famous rise to anthemic potential.

A bridge of relatable frustrations, followed by an outro of ridiculous power makes Everybody Gets Famous capable of lapping anybody's inner monologue, and is bound to be a true treat live.

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