Cucamaras - Please Not Tonight

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Cucamaras’ debut single begins with a smashing Libertines-esque intro, which leads into a foot tapping, 2002 reminiscent tune named: Please Not Tonight. Soon enough, nonchalant vocals take over your ear drums with a delivery fans of Drowners and Palma Violets will absolutely adore.

The whole track has a New York City feel, where vocals sit perfectly in parallel with the lead guitar like Skyscrapers with Yellow cabs. Relatable to any young adult, Please Not Tonight pleads of a stress-free night with a significant other, the peace and quiet any young adult craves. The infectiousness of the title lyric and conversation-like melody sticks to mind like tar.

This Nottingham/Sheffield based band intertwine NYC’s grid with Britain’s mish-mash estates perfectly, creating a delight for the ear. Their scrappy sound with a generous coating of reverb should be on the radar of anyone longing for true indie.

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