Sad Boys Club - Dead Fridays

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

There is a huge sense of anticipation as Sad Boys Club’s new single kicks off with an urgent drum fill, closely followed by the perfect blend of three riffs. An 80s-esque chorus effect is the main theme in Dead Fridays, smothered in The Cure reminiscence, and a slight whisper of Sonic Youth throughout.

The first verse begins by normalising a relatable feeling, but somehow putting a positive spin on things with a subtle, yet sublime vocal delivery. The chorus sees a very poppy and catchy melody sit over an American feeling, punky sound, straight out of Panic! At The Disco’s back catalogue. Without a doubt, the bridge takes the crown of best use of vocal effects, a pinch of psychedelia is sprinkled over a song where new wave and shoe gaze sit in perfect harmony.

The outro fades to a persisting organ, which leaves the listener haphazardly perched on the peninsula of their seat. This is a tease of a stellar EP on the horizon, which could see Sad Boys Club rise to stardom.

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