SPINN - Acoustic EP

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Liverpool’s SPINN have once again proven themselves as some of the best emerging onto the indie scene with their new Acoustic EP.

In the simply named EP, SPINN strip back the energy and the jangle that we so loved in their album and move to a more intense focus on their talent and lyricism, which doubtlessly pays off. The combination of raw and romantic lyrics with the soft acoustic backdrop work to culminate in a blissfully soulful departure from their usual stylings.

While the original versions of three of these songs can be found in their debut album, the EP offers a more organic rendition of each; especially evident in the acoustic version of Foundations, a true movement from the album version. With melody dominated by delicate piano, the build allows for the deep and emotional lyricism to be brought to the forefront, in a way that comes across as easy and effortless. The same can be said for the all together softer, slower and somewhat more autumnal versions of Who You Are and Is There Something That I Missed?.

However, it is their confident and transcendent version of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games that sets the EP apart. Never ones to imitate, SPINN have taken the iconic single and somehow make it their own, while leaning into the roots of the original track. Removing the glitz and Americana, the band are more than successful in giving this song a distinctly Northern English feel, a welcome approach to a track that has, in its time, been sorely mistreated.

The Liverpudlian four piece have once again proven that they are not one to dismiss, proving they are ones to hide behind production and fizzy pop.

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