Sounds Like A Storm - The Classic Way Of Things

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Sounds Like A Storm’s debut EP, entitled The Classic Way of Things has social media’s effect on “perfection” at the centre of affairs, with four cracking tunes challenging the notion. Modern frustrations ring throughout with genuinely interesting and witty takes on a terrifying, global culture that has snuck up in recent years.

Kicking off with latest single Closer, which begins with a progressive intro heightening anticipation by the second, head bobbing is involuntary. In comes leader singer Sennen Ludman snarling his way through the lyrics with a broad Leeds accent and aggressive delivery. A track clearly begging for a significant other to see through false perfection and experience the here and now, Joe’s drumming remains persistent and lively, slowly becoming more prominent in the mix. An eye-watering bridge screams of coming of age, growth and a sprinkling of lust, all in the name of keeping that special one.

Fan favourite Corker follows, in which Sennen laments a girl who seems like perfection in this age. This girl has clearly fully encapsulated Ludman, getting well under his skin as the lyrics hoist her onto a pedestal. However, all may not be as it seems with this mysterious, infectious person as the tune describes an obsession with someone falling into the trap of reaching for online “perfection”. The bridge is simply amazing, containing the line “she prefers white wine, downs another pint” which has been screamed through many venues with a smashing delivery, it’s destined to become iconic.

After two stomping tunes leaving neck muscles well exercised, Confessions is a surprisingly delicate, acoustic number pleading to a significant other, admitting faults and fighting turbulence. Most likely influenced by those half-cut conversations which shouldn’t occur, the song perfectly captures the inner turmoil during rocky times with a loved one. Desperation is particularly displayed by Sennen’s admittance to being in contact with Christ through this time, despite his disbelief in religion.

A ripping intro, followed by a Jagger-esque vocal delivery sees the EP end with title track The Classic Way Of Things, a tune which summarises Sounds Like A Storm’s message in three minutes of indie, punky goodness. A frightening running commentary on modern times, contrasting technology’s detrimental effects with how life was before the 21st century. With social media in the crosshairs, the tune rips through people’s need for a fake, perfect life and the unnecessary lust of an easy love life, if it can be referred to as such.

These four lads from Leeds have brilliantly commented on technology, social media and strange, perfectionist ideologies that are governing modern generations. This EP will see the lads rip up the music scene over the coming year with four tunes that will be echoed through clubs, venues and brains for months and months.

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