The Seamonsters - How To Be Famous

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Sheffield’s Indie-pop champions The Seamonsters are back with a very Debbie Harry colliding with Favourite Worst Nightmare sounding single titled How To Be Famous.

The track tackles the modern influence on behaviour within the music industry, as singer Naomi Mann casts a side-eye at posers and the notion of image becoming more important than content. The verses are backed with brilliant groove from the drums as a modern twist is slammed onto something that would sit in the 80s comfortably.

The chorus kicks in with the sassiest delivery of lyrics “search how to be famous” displaying the dismay at modern society and the overriding lust for social media fame. During the outro, a switch in Synth tone may give us a sneak peek up The Seamonsters’ sleeve at a brilliant, entirely 80s dominated sound, which could see their obvious potential fulfilled.

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