Red Rum Club - King Tut's, Glasgow

On the final date of their autumn tour, Liverpool six-piece Red Rum Club performed at Glasgow’s legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.

Glasgow local band, Beafets opened the evening with their indie-rock style set. Despite only having three releases on Spotify and being the first band on stage that evening, they warmed up the audience perfectly to the point where the crowd sang along to multiple of their songs.

Next on stage was another young, local band; Static Satellites. After seeming a little nervous at first, the group pleasantly surprised with their impressive, deep vocals and catchy Two Door Cinema Club-esque riffs. The boys quickly warmed to the stage and gave an exciting performance. Leaving many intrigued to see more from Static Satellites in the future.

The final support came from Primes – a three piece from Falkirk who had played with Red Rum Club the previous night in Aberdeen. The band attracted a large crowd of friends and fans who had come to support them. Primes gave a lively modern-rock performance including some undoubtedly future anthems to-be and it was clear the audience agreed. For a three piece, the group had a powerful sound that will surely get them far.

Enter the band we’d all been waiting for: Red Rum Club. Despite it being the last night of their two-week long headline tour, the boys commenced their set with bounds energy as always. Beginning with fan favourites, Honey and Casanova, the six-piece immediately had the audience up and dancing along to the exuberant tunes.

A little way in to the set, lead singer Francis Doran announced they would play a new, unreleased song, Bambino. Instead of the energy dropping, as might be expected with an unknown song, the new tune was just as well received as old favourites.

It was evident that King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut was an ideal venue for the group to perform at this stage in their career. They filled the room but just enough space remained for the audience to dance (as is obviously needed at a Red Rum Club show) The intimacy of the venue allowed the band members to interact with the crowd, which resulted in an inflatable trumpet from an audience member being given to Francis. He proceeded to mock his band mate, Joe on trumpet, and pretend to play the inflatable. This level of performance and interaction has now become expected of Red Rum Club, yet they did not disappoint.

When the band announced their last song, the audience immediately sang back the beginning of Would You Rather Be Lonely without any prompt from the band. It was clear the audience was keen to hear the popular song and the band teased us with its arrival.

It is clear to see that Red Rum Club have adoring fans and their reputation for a great live performance certainly doesn’t disappoint. Try to catch this band in an intimate venue near you to enjoy the magic of their smaller shows before they head for the big stage and stardom, which they undoubtedly will in the near future.

(Photography by Rosie Ridley)

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