Jimmy Eat World - Surviving

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The tenth studio album by Arizona four piece Jimmy Eat World, Surviving, maintains the high energy, pop punk sound that has become a familiarity, and solidify themselves as a cornerstone artist of the genre.

Lead single All the Way (Stay) is typical of Jimmy Eat World, and gives strong indication of what fans will find in the album. Styling their way through this typically Americanised genre with strong riffs and catchy lyrics, this band once again display the reason they have managed to stick around so long. Paired with a video chock full of traditional American iconography, modern day cowboys, fast food and run down diners, these are men who know how to establish a brand, successfully branching slightly away from the punk elements of their image. All the Way (Stay) is essentially four minutes of good, old fashioned, playful pop punk, and a joyful introduction to what this four piece had in store for us with the rest of the album.

Criminal Energy stands out as one of the most rock fuelled tracks, with a prominent and up tempo drum beat leading the song through. With snappy lyrics and high powered guitar, this track is heavily reflective of its title and is bound to quickly become a highlight in the live shows the band are now embarking on.

Jimmy Eat World have never struggled to strike the perfect balance between angsty lyrics and a catchy tune. The rerecorded album version of Love Never solidifies this, here they have curated something that encapsulates them as a band, heartfelt yet moody lyricism against the backdrop of a song you would have no trouble dancing to.

In Surviving, Jimmy Eat World have kept the masses happy with their continued dedication to providing upbeat pop punk, and secured their place on the scene in a way that few bands have been able to maintain. While Surviving does not pack the punch of their earlier albums, this is not an indictment on its quality. This now iconic Arizona band have proven to us once again with this album that they have mastered the art of the pop-rock three minute song, something that few can boast.

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