Carnival Club - My Lady

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Manchester four-piece Carnival Club return with the rousing new single My Lady.

Combining raunchy lyricism with high energy riffs, these boys give us exactly what we have been missing with this new single, providing their audience with something much more true to the rock genre than has been at the forefront of new releases in recent years.

Where others have failed to strike the balance with such heavy and enticing guitar and drums often stifling vocalisation, Carnival Club succeed. Frontman Kai Roberts’ resounding tones are but one thing about this band that make them stand out among the crowd, and this new single has only cemented this fact.

Taking poignant builds and giving them a sultry twists, these boys have once again shown us that they are a band to be taken seriously, and with more things in the pipeline, you would be a fool not to be keeping an eye out for them in the not so distant future.

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